Philip Zimbardo

Philip Zimbardo


The presentations by Philip Zimbardo coincide with the academic's long-standing dedication to the field of psychology. Zimbardo was born in New York and eventually graduated summa cum laude from Brooklyn College. His exposure to psychology, sociology and anthropology at the undergraduate level spurred his completion of his M.S. and Ph.D accreditation's from Yale University in 1959. Zimbardo was eventually accorded with his renowned professorial position from 1960-1967 with New York University's psychology bureau.

Zimbardo joined Columbia University's faculty board in 1967 and later transferred to Stanford University in 1968. His specific projects with the Stanford institution resulted in his tenured status as of 1971. During his lengthy career, he oversaw an intense prison study that monitored mock prisoner and inmate scenarios. His exposure to these trying ventures has made him well-versed on the diverse subjects of gender, time and sadistic behavior. Zimbardo's long list of achievements were recognized in 2005 by way of his receipt of the Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation Vision Award.

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