Pia Mancini

Pia Mancini

Political Scientist

The Pia Mancini talk is on how democracy must be upgraded for the digital age. The political scientist works as the director of Net Democracy, a foundation she describes as offering "a space where citizens can meet to imagine, design and implement innovations on the political system that open up democracy's bandwidth." The speaker also co-founded a political party in Buenos Aires, Argentina called Democracia en Red, or The Net Party, where she acts as Executive Director. She is the President of arteBA's Young Committee as well.

She received her undergraduate degree in political science from Universidad Torcuato di Tella and her Masters in Asian Studies in International Politics from Australia's Monash University. She also has previous experience as the Chief Advisor and Deputy Secretary of Political Affairs for the City of Buenos Aires, giving her a lot of expertise in her current role and background for the Pia Mancini talk.

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