Rabbi Soetendorp

Rabbi Soetendorp

Rabbi, Humanitarian

The Rabbi Soetendorp keynotes are captivating conversations that discuss the potential for individuals to do the right thing. In particular, Soetendorp uses his own personal experiences with survival and compassion during his childhood in Amsterdam.

As an award-winning human rights advocate, Seotendorp knows that human beings have the power to do the right thing. He is also a renowned lecturer and writer, who actively participants in interfaith and humanitarian initiatives. In terms of his education, Seotendorp received his ordination from Leo Baeck College of London. He is credited with playing an instrumental role in establishing the Jewish community in the Netherlands.

Soetendorp served on the 'Solidarity Committee for Jews in the Soveit Union,' as well as the 'World Council for Soviety Jewry.' He is currently the Rabbi Emeritus for the 'Congregation Beth Jehuda' and a founding member of 'Green Cross International and Day of Respect Foundation.' Prior to this position, he was the President of the 'European Region of the World Union for Progressive Judaism.'

Due to his extensive humanitarian work, Soetendrop received numerous awards including the 'Peacebuilders Award' from The Alliance for International Conflict Prevention and Resolution and the 'James Parks Morton Interfaith Award' from the Interfaith Center of New York.

Using his own terrifying childhood, as an example, the Rabbi Soetendorp keynotes are eye-opening discussions that promote the inherent good in individuals and their actions.

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