Rachel Botsma

Rachel Botsma

Head of Strategy at OZOlab, Founder of CCLab

Collaborative Consumption and reputation capital are addressed in keynote speeches by Rachel Botsma, who has made a name for herself for her proposals about the power that online networking and information swapping can hold for business and consumerism.

Her educational background allowed her to garner an understanding of both the creative sector and the business world which has attributed to the speaker giving presentations which push the envelope and drive people to think outside the box. She graduated from the University of Oxford with a BFA in Fine Art and also attended both the Harvard Kennedy School and the Harvard Business School divisions of Harvard University.

Keynote speeches by Rachel Botsma incorporate ideas from her co-authored book, 'What's Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption' as well as promoting strategies that have been successfully implemented at the innovation incubator CCLab, of which she is the founder.

She has consulted to numerous Fortune 500 companies on innovation and was the former director of the William J. Clinton Foundation.

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