Rafe Esquith

Rafe Esquith


The Rafe Esquith keynotes break down the pedagogy expert's approach to child learning. His avoidance of banal methods of instruction has been key to his success, and his examination of teacher responsibilities, young morals and the concept of ownership has been instrumental to the development of countless institutions.

Esquith currently works as a teacher with Los Angeles' Hobart Boulevard Elementary School, a position that he initially took up in 1984. Prior to that he graduated from UCLA in 1981 and soon after entered the field in 1982 at the Ivanhoe Elementary School. His belief in the power of education has spurred a classroom revolution, particularly at Hobart's quarters where he has transformed the outlook of his poverty-stricken students.

It may be said that Rafe Esquith's keynotes are moving, inspirational and life changing, especially for those who are engaged in learning in any shape or form. His focuses upon literature, heightened expectations and the future of his pupils has brought about impressive performance levels, and it is no wonder that he attained Oprah Winfrey's 'Use Your Life Award.'

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