Ragne Sigmond

Ragne Sigmond

Photographer, Lecturer

The Ragne Sigmond speech offers insights into the award-winning photographer's creativity. The speaker is fond of using found materials in her work, and believes a playful, child-like perspective is key to creating great pieces. The artist is inspired by a variety of different people, places and things present in her everyday life, and attempts to evoke a timeless quality in her pictures.

She has worked as a teacher of photography, lecturing at Media College Denmark, where she also graduated from in 2003. Prior to becoming a lecturer, she worked as a commercial and portrait photographer. Outside of her teaching position, she has also lectured at various conferences and seminars on the topic of photography and judged multiple photography competitions. She continues to view photography as a hobby, with an increasing focus on exhibition. The Ragne Sigmond speech places importance on having hobbies and pursuing one's passions.

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