Randall Bird

Randall Bird

Businessman, Speaker

The Randall Bird keynotes are eye-opening discussions about the dangers of assuming an overprotecting personality. Bird believes that it was his own defensive position that lead to his battle with drugs and alcohol; a battle which he later overcame.

As the owner of Intrepid LLC, an organization that helps to assist individuals with addictive behaviors, Bird understands the damage that resistance and addictive substances can cause. Currently, Bird is an Account Executive for SEO.com and has been clean and sober after more than 10 years. Prior to this position, Bird held a Digital Marketing and Sales position at 180Fusion Agency.

In terms of his education, Bird earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. Referencing his own personal experiences and struggles as an addict, the Randall Bird keynotes encourage individuals to remove their masks, banish destructive behavior and start their lives fresh and free of facades.

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