Randall Munroe

Randall Munroe

Robotics Expert, Scientist, Comic

The keynotes by Randall Munroe are always highly entertaining, thanks to the comic's deadpan sense of humor. The CNU graduate studied physics before working as a roboticist at NASA's Langley Research Center in Virginia.

Beyond his passion for math and science, Munroe is a talented web cartoonist. He began the arbitrarily named webcomic 'xkcd,' which garners millions of views per month. In 2007, Wired described xkcd, writing, "the comic is itself a language -- a way for people who are unpracticed at talking about their emotions to articulate them."

Munroe also runs a blog, titled 'What If?,' which specializes in answering hypothetical "what if?" questions submitted by users. He enjoys musing over these fanciful hypotheticals, considering it a bonus if he can "put boxes around it and make it a comic."

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