Rebecca Walker

Rebecca Walker

Author, Speaker

The Rebecca Walker keynotes promote the need and the importance of empowering young women in every generation. Walker believes that engaging and relating with the issue of feminism and culture will breed equality of the sexes and a more fulfilling future for all.

Walker who was named by 'Time Magazine' as one of the '50 future leaders of America,' has always had a passion for empowering young women. After her graduation from Yale University, Walker went on to co-found 'Third Wave Foundation,' an organization that encourages activism and involvement from young women.

Walker has authored countless books that discuss racial identities and gender including the New York Times bestseller 'Black, White and Jewish, and 'BLACK COOL.' Apart from her own publications, her written works have also appeared in 'The Washington Post,''Newsweek,' and 'The Huffington Post's' blog. Due to her vast knowledge of cultural identities and feminism, she has had the honor of addressing students and faculty at both Harvard and MIT.

With a innate passion to encourage and inspire young women world-wide, the Rebecca Walker keynotes examine the importance of engaging in discussions and self-reflection that will benefit leading women of the future.

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