Regina Barreca

Regina Barreca

Author, Professor, Comedian

The Regina Barreca talk focuses on the differences in humor between men and women. The comedian discusses the book she wrote with Gene Weingarten entitled 'I'm with Stupid.' The author, who also goes by Gina Barreca, also wrote 'They Used to Call Me Snow White...but I Drifted,' 'It's not that I'm Bitter...,' 'Babes in Boyland,' 'Make Mine a Double,' 'Don't Tell Mama,' 'Perfect Husbands (& Other Fairytales),' 'Sweet Revenge,' 'The Penguin's Book of Women's Humor' and 'The Signet Book of American Humor.' She has edited numerous other publications and regularly contributes to Psychology Today, The Chronicle of Higher Education and the Huffington Post. Her writing also appeared in The New York Times, The Independent, Cosmopolitan and the Harvard Business Review.

The Regina Barreca talk also mentions her work at the University of Connecticut, where she acts as a Professor of English and Feminist Theory.

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