Richard C. Levin

Richard C. Levin

President of Yale University

Richard C. Levin's keynotes reference his experience as the President of Yale University and the type of strong and effective leadership he has come to understand in this role. In addition to his role as the university's President, he also serves as a Professor of Economics.

Levin earned his BA from Stanford University in 1968. He also studied philosophy and political science at Oxford University, where he received a degree B.Litt. Shortly after this, he enrolled at Yale to complete his PhD, and he hasn't left since. Levin is well-known within the Yale and local community for committing his efforts over the last twenty years to develop the town. He founded a wide range of initiatives and organizations intended to enhance local and global education.

Richard C. Levin's keynotes explore his accomplishments as the President of Yale and offer audiences important leadership lessons and tips.

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