Richard Weller

Richard Weller

Dermatologist, Medical Researcher

Richard Weller's keynotes focus on medical issues based in dermatology and are in line with his educational background and research interests. He serves as Senior Lecturer in Dermatology at the University of Edinburgh and focuses on nitric oxide's role in skin physiology. In 2002, Weller joined the University of Edinburgh in his current position. He also studies and lectures on what part skin barrier function deficiencies play in atopic diseases. Weller is the lead author of Clinical Dermatology (4th edition), which was published in 2008. He's also worked as a Consultant Dermatologist in NHS Lothian.

Weller's training comes from St. Thomas' Hospital in London in medicine. From there he studied internal medicine in England and Australia. He's conducted research in Australia, Germany, Scotland and the United States.

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