Rick Falkvinge

Rick Falkvinge

Founder of the Pirate Party

The keynotes by Rick Falkvinge talk about the platform of the Pirate Party, illustrating its conception and philosophy.

He founded his own company, Infoteknik, at the age of 16. In an unconventional order of events, he proceeded to study at the Chalmers University of Technology, but dropped out before he completed his master's degree in physics. From 1994 to 1998, Falkvinge started his own business in software development, but moved on in favor of a post at Sendit. He continued as project manager when Microsoft bought out the company soon after. He dabbled here and there in the software development industry through the year of 2005, notably holding a position at Cypak.

Inspired by his prolonged career in software and digital tech, he created the first ever Pirate Party in 2005. The European political party focused on the issues of online privacy, file sharing and patents and inspired over 50 Pirate Parties all over the world.

The keynotes by Rick Falkvinge share his thoughts on the copyright industry's invasion of our privacy and infringement on our digital rights, enlightening audiences on pressing issues they may not be aware of.

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