Rick Smolan

Rick Smolan


The Rick Smolan presentations on health apps for mobile phones discuss the increasing ability technology has to understand human behavior. The American photographer and Chief Executive Officer of Against All Odds Productions has also done notable work in data collection.

Smolan published multiple photographic books including 'From Alice to Ocean' (1992), 'Passage to Vietnam' (1994), '24 Hours in Cyberspace: The Painting on the Walls of the Digital Cave' (1996), 'America 24/7' (2003), 'Blue Planet Run: The Race to Provide Clean Drinking Water to the World' (2007), 'America at Home' (2008), 'UK at Home' (2008) and 'The Obama Time Capsul' (2009).

In 2000, Smolan organized a project entitled 'The Planet Project: Your Voice, Your World.' One of the biggest real time internet polls ever, the project's objective was to receive feedback from 1.5 million people in more than 240 countries on their thoughts surrounding life in the new millennium. In 2012 Smolan released 'The Human Face of Big Data' with co-author Jennifer Erwitt. The Rick Smolan presentation also references data exhaust in the beginning.

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