Risa Berrin

Risa Berrin


Risa Berrin's speeches focus on addressing health concerns for youth and adolescents. A graduate of the University of Michigan, and holder of a J.D. from the University of Miami School of Law, Berrin developed an interest in health when she worked at 'The Michigan Daily' as a health and medical reporter. Berrin also suffered from health issues in adolescence that piqued her interest in the importance of practical health formation. Because she felt as though this information was not being properly distributed through the education system, Berrin founded HIP (Health Information Project,) a initiative focused on students educating students on relevant healthcare matters. She teaches students at varying ages from elementary schools to universities, and is committed to writing about and researching adolescent health.

Berrin is a certified human growth and reproductive educator, certified by the Florida International University. She also serves as a guardian ad litem, working with abused and neglected youth in the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida. Additionally, Berrin teaches reproductive health to females in the Juvenile Justice Corrections Facility and is apart of the committee for the South Miami Hospital Center for Women and Infants.

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