Rob Reid

Rob Reid


The presentations by Rob Reid provide an excellent summary of his long-standing preoccupation with American copyright procedure. Reid's interest in this critical legal field began at the undergraduate level as he studied Arabic and International Relations at Stanford University. He later went on to pursue an MBA degree at Harvard University, eventually landing a relations position in 1994 with Silicon Graphics.

Reid's long list of professional ventures has accorded him with the titles of author and entrepreneur. His Internet-based show Webbalert generated a considerable amount of attention until 2009 as it explored technological developments. The launch of his Rhapsody music service brought about a breakthrough in the streaming industry, and was later sold for $230 million to MTV. His novel 'Architects of the Web' was published in 2007 alongside some of his most groundbreaking ventures, allowing readers to delve into the lives of digital figureheads like Jerry Yang and Rob Glaser.

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