Robert Barro

Robert Barro

Professor of Economics at Havard School of Business

The Robert Barro speeches delve into sensitive topics in fiscal and monetary policy that are heavily debated today.

Barro graduated with a B.S. in physics from the California Institute of Technology, but went on to study economics at Harvard at the post-graduate level. In the years immediately after graduation, he published a few influential papers about macroeconomics. He has written for the Economist, Bloomberg and Business Week as a viewpoint columnist. He was a contributing editor at the Wall Street Journal for a number of years and currently co-edits the Quarterly Journal of Economics. He has written several books and textbooks, including the most recent 'Macronomics: A Modern Approach.'

Barro is currently at Stanford University's Hoover Institution as a senior fellow and is a professor of economics at Harvard. He regularly speaks out about the economic policies of today, with The Research Papers in Economics project ranking him as the 4th most influential economist in the world in 2011.

Given the current split in American opinion on stimulus packages and taxation, the Robert Barro speeches are a valuable resource in educating citizens about the advantages and disadvantages of the available options.

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