Robert Iger

Robert Iger

CEO of The Walt Disney Company

The Robert Iger keynotes discuss the role Disney plays in strengthening relations between the United States and China. Touching on topics like innovation, brand strategy and projects, Iger, as the CEO of the Walt Dinsey Company, provides an extensive breakdown of how the company is benefiting both nations.

In 2000, Iger took over the role of Disney's President and five years later, he took over Michael Eisner's position as CEO. As the CEO, he executed the acquisition of Marvel Entertainment, Pixar and Lucasfilm.

Iger's career has been centered in the entertainment industry. Before joining Disney, he began working for the American Broadcasting Company, at which he worked his way up and eventually became the president of the ABC Network Television Group.

The Robert Iger keynotes reflect the CEO's ambition and goals to use Dinsey's enticing brand to serve a higher purpose.

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