Robert Kriegel

Robert Kriegel

Author, Sports Psychologist, Professor, Commentor

Robert Kriegel's speeches are fascinating explorations of the myth that one needs to work exhaustively hard to achieve success. Kriegel believes that companies and their employees can be successful without imposing workaholic mentalities and grueling schedules. As a revolutionary figure in the field of sports psychology, Kriegel has had the opportunity to coach numerous Olympic and accomplished athletes and prepare them for their most important performances.

As the President and founder of Kriegel2 inc, the first sports psychology institute for athletes and Olympic hopefuls, Kriegel is an expert at motivating individuals, having more than 25 years worth of experience. Previously, Kriegal held a positions at Stanford University's Executive Management Program, teaching innovation and change and he has also been a major accounts executive for such powerhouses like 'Johnson and Johnson' and 'Procter & Gamble.'

A former all-American swimmer, Kriegel has firsthand knowledge of the pressure and grueling training to get him ready for his races. Kriegel has been a commentator on National Public Radio's Marketplace program and hosted on 'The Big Idea' and 'Oprah.' His firsthand and seasoned expertise on motivation and achieving success earned Kriegel the title as 'one of the country's leading authorities in the field of change and human performance.' This made Kriegal a well-respected individual in both the world of sports psychology, as well as business.

Kriegel authored several New York Times bestsellers in the field of human performance including 'If it ain't broke...BREAK IT!' and 'How to Succeed in Business Without Working So Damn Hard.' With stark similarity to his writing, the Robert Kriegel speeches suggest that employees and their respective companies focus more on the quality of work rather than the quantity and work towards eliminating unnecessary stress for more satisfactory business results.

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