Robert Nardelli

Robert Nardelli

CEO of Chrysler

Keynotes by Robert Nardelli focus on the need to address key aspects and goals of a business in order to be successful. Nardelli believes that with a narrow perspective, companies can better serve and ultimately satisfy the demands of their customers, ultimately allowing profits to be made and customers to be satisfied.

As the former CEO of Chrysler Motors, Nardelli gained experience and the opportunity to experiment with quick solutions and problem solving. Prior to his current position, he was the CEO of The Home Depot and was one of the top four executives at General Electric, making him well-versed in the art of business.

In 2010, Nardelli became Freedom Group's CEO, a gun manufacturer based out of North Carolina, but decided to step down in March 2012. In terms of his education, Nardelli received his Bachelor of Science in business from Western Illinois University, as well as his MBA from the University of Louiseville.

By focusing intently on the demands of customers and meeting in person to discuss these demands, the keynotes by Robert Nardelli suggest that this will propel a company towards a successful future.

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