Ron Gutman

Ron Gutman

CEO, Advisor, Founder, Writer,

Keynotes by Ron Gutman focus on the power and benefit that smiling and emotional expression have. Gutman believes that an individual's smile can be used as a direct indicator to measure happiness and satisfaction in life.

Gutman is currently an Adviser at Harvard Med School SMArt Rock Health Initiative and the founder of HealthTap, an organization that aims to make personal health data understandable. Prior to this position, Gutman held the positions of Chief Products and Innovation Officer at HealthCentral and Founder and CEO of Wellsphere. With regards to his educational background, Gutman received his Master's in Business Administration from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

As a speaker, Gutman graced the stages of various health and technology conventions including 'TED' and 'Health 2.0.' He is a contributing writer to 'Forbes' and 'the Huffington Post' and is currently a Curator at TEDx Silicon Valley.

Showing that smiling can make people feel better and healthier, keynotes by Ron Gutman advocate the inherent powers of smiles.

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