Ron Tite

Ron Tite

President of The Tite Group

The Ron Tite keynote speeches demand you to brand your innovations and yourself, but to never stop evolving. Tite's speeches aren't only informative, they are entertaining and are able to grab attention and involve an audience. Tite is a Canadian resident who is currently residing in Toronto, Ontario. He completed both his BA/BPHE, PHE at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario.

Tite has explored several different career paths thus far. He has been an account director and manager, a senior writer, a creative director, a keynote speaker and host, and a comedian. He is currently the president of The Tite Group, which sees social media and branding as two things that must go hand in hand, in order to ensure a successful business.

Tite was most recently recognized as one of the "Top 10 Creative Canadians" by Marketing Magazine.

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