Ruby Wax

Ruby Wax

Actress, Comedian, Writer, Interviewer

The Ruby Wax keynotes reflect her experience and natural humor as an actress. Ruby Wax is an American comedian who has also had training as an actress in the United Kingdom. Known for her brash, upfront and unexpected behavior, Wax was elected to conduct a series of celebrity interviews in "Ruby's Celebrity Bash."

Early in her career, Wax focused more on writing, stage performances and stand-up comedy. She was diagnosed with bipolar disease in 1990 -- while she was pregnant with her second daughter, Marina -- and soon after giving birth, Wax was institutionalized at The Priory, a rehab clinic in the UK.

In Losing It, a stand-up comedy performance written by Wax herself, she candidly discloses the personal experiences and health issues she struggled with. The direct and spontaneous nature sheds light onto the suffering of mental illness in an undeniably funny but powerful way. One of her first performances for Losing It was held at The Priory.

Wax studied Psychology at the University of California and is pursuing a MSc course in Psychology and Neuroscience. She also provides workshops and lectures corporate leaders on how to become more direct leaders by improving communication internally and externally. The Ruby Wax keynotes address a serious issue in a delicate manner.

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