Rupal Patel

Rupal Patel

Speech Scientist, University Professor

the keynotes by Rupal Patel focus on innovations and advancements in synthetic speech technology. Patel is a professor of computer science and the founder and director of the Communication Analysis and Design Laboratory (CadLab). She has developed VocaliD technology that combines real human voices with characteristics of individual speech patterns to give people who need synthetic voice technology to communicate a unique voice all their own.

The keynotes by Rupal Patel delve into the need to match voice to the individual in the same way a prosthetic limb is matched to the recipient. Patel's academic areas of interest include the design and development of human-computer interfaces and technological developments in assisting teaching and learning language. Patel's research and development of synthetic speech technologies is innovative and shows real progress in the development of assistive technology.

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