Russell Foster

Russell Foster

Professor of Circadian Neuroscience

Russell Foster is a professor of circadian neuroscience, who has given keynotes on the importance of getting enough sleep. Foster attended the University of Bristol, where he received his PhD in neuroscience. Foster was formerly a member of the National Science Foundation at the University of Virginia, before he moved back to the UK.

Foster has done a lot of research on functions of the human eye, including creating vision and managing light perception. He claims that light and dark help to sync up people's inner clocks.

Foster has given a keynote on how critical it is to get enough sleep. He claims that the brain simply doesn't function properly when one is tired. Being tired turns people toward using addictive stimulants to wake them up, such as caffeine and nicotine. He also claims that using these stimulants makes it hard for people to go to bed early, turning some individuals to alcohol.

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