Ryan Lobo

Ryan Lobo

Photographer, Filmmaker

The keynotes by Ryan Lobo share with audiences the young photographer's experiences of travelling the world, capturing the lives of many unusual individuals. His work has taken him to many war and poverty-ridden country, but he hopes to express empathy and reveal the true stories of these countries' local populations.

After earning a bachelor's degree in science in Bangalore, Lobo relocated to the United States to complete a master's degree in cell biology. He then moved back to India and with a friend, founded OPUS CDM, an advertising agency. It was this incident that sparked his passion for film and photography. Since then, he has traveled the world to shoot and produce over 70 films covering a wide array of social and political issues. He believes in the power of photography to tell a story from a different, often silenced perspective.

The keynotes by Ryan Lobo themselves are beautiful experiences, inviting audiences into his world of haunting and telling images.

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