Sam Glenn

Sam Glenn

Founder of Attitude Digest and Sam Glenn Motivational Speeches & Training Co.

Keynote speeches by Sam Glenn are rooted in his belief that keeping a positive outlook in any situation is essential to finding success and fulfillment in life.

The self-proclaimed 'Attitude Guy,' and author of 'A Kick in the Attitude,' studied marketing at Saint Xavier University until 1995. After losing everything in a fire, the speaker decided to take his story of overcoming adversity on the road and began work on his book and traveled to different cities to take part in various speaking engagements. Keynote speeches by Sam Glenn promote the power of positive thinking to his clients and he works with both individuals and groups to shift their attitude away from negativity.

He was given the Telly Award for the Most Outstanding Motivational Video in 2010 and was named 'Speaker of the Year,' in 2009 by the MIMPI. His training programs and Attitude Digest publication focus on overcoming obstacles and remaining positive to help drive success.

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