Sami Jo Small

Sami Jo Small

Owner of Sami Jo Small Female Hockey School, Board Member, Olympic Medal Winner

Keynotes by Sami Jo Small focus on the importance and power of optimism, enthusiasm and positivity in everyday situations. As the gold medal-winning goalie for the Canada's Olympic hockey team, she examines how her own disappointment at the Olympic Games was transformed into a positivity that led to a victory for Canada.

Small believes that although individuals may not have a say in which hand they are dealt, they ultimately do have say in how they handle and deal with these situations. This enthusiastic outlook and approach is a mantra Small continually swears by. Currently, Small is a lecturer for the Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and many of her speeches focus on teamwork, team building and the power of a positive attitude. Small is also a Board Member at Canada's Women's Hockey League. Using personal anecdotes and her own experiences with disappointment, keynotes by Sami Jo Small address the significant impact and outcomes that can arise when situations are approached with a positive attitude and an optimistic outlook.

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