Samuel Mahaffy

Samuel Mahaffy

Management Consultant, Workshop Leader and Facilitator

The Samuel Mahaffy talk about peacemaking explains the global place-making movement. Dr. Mahaffy is a management consultant as well as a workshop leader and facilitator for non-profit and non-governmental organizations. The public speaker, as articulated in the Samuel Mahaffy talk, believes in prioritizing relationships over agendas. He has served over 500 NGOs internationally as well as community and faith-based organizations.

The director of his own consultancy, Dr. Mahaffy uses an Appreciative Inquiry in conflict resolution. He is also the president of Comprehensive Nonprofit Services, LLC, founder of the East Africa Institute, Senior Adviser of the Salaam Urban Village Association and associate at The Taos Institute.

Dr. Mahaffy earned his PhD from Tilburg University in the Netherlands.

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