Sanjay Rawal

Sanjay Rawal

Director and Founder of Food Chains

The Sanjay Rawal keynotes often explore food topics and fair trade. Rawal is an advocate for equality and works to develop a wide variety of strategies to help nations improve the quality of life for marginalized workers.

Rawal works tirelessly to educate audiences about philanthropic topics all over the world. Recently Rawal's focus has been on food and fair trade workers as he explores creating policies and documentaries to ensure that consumers are certain when they purchase fairly produced food from popular retailers.

Rawal is currently the founder of Illumine Group, the director of Food Chains and the director behind popular documentary films such as Ocean Monks, CHallenging Impossibility and Food Chains. Each of the Sanjay Rawal keynotes will educate audiences to think where their food products come from.

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