Sarah Fenwick

Sarah Fenwick

Chartered Sport Psychologist, Accredited Business, Executive Coach

The keynotes by Sarah Fenwick identify different ways to reach and surpass personal potential. She pushes audiences to step into uncomfortable situations to achieve greatness and reach peak performance.

Sarah Fenwick attended the University College Chichester, and the University of Wales, Bangor. She is a chartered sport psychologist, and an accredited business and executive coach. She is the founding member for the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology, Society for Coaching Psychology and the Association of Business Psychologists.

Sarah Fenwick works with global organizations, and challenges others beyond their comfort zone to reach their full potential. The keynotes by Sarah Fenwick reflect back on her personal experiences that led her to set three world records. Sarah Fenwick inspires individuals to exceed expectations, and place themselves in unfamiliar positions to attain success.

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