Sarah Red-Laird

Sarah Red-Laird


The Sarah Red-Laird talks on honey bees share the speaker's personal experience about how she became a beekeeper. Despite having a deep emotional connection to honey bees, she tried out several different career paths before eventually putting her degree in conservation from the University of Montana to good use and doing a work study in beekeeping.

The bee lover is also the Founder and Executive Director of Bee Girl, an non-profit organization aiming to empower communities to preserve bees and their habitat by educating and inspiring the public. They do this through community classes and events, public lectures, their Kids and Bees program and their university program. They also facilitate the Farming for Bees initiative, which encourages land owners to provide habitats for bees. The Sarah Red-Laird talk discusses how habitat loss is one of the leading issues facing honey bees today.

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