Saras Sarasvathy

Saras Sarasvathy

Associate Professor

Speaker Saras Sarasvathy is an associate professor at the University of Virginia. Sarasvathy studied Business Communications at the University of Bombay in India. She also earned a PhD at the Carnegie Mellon University. As a professor, Sarasvathy specializes in teaching subjects such as Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Ethics. She also teaches doctoral programs in Denmark, India, Croatia and South Africa.

Back in 2007, Sarasvathy was named among the top 18 entrepreneurship professors in
Fortune Small Business magazine. She's also on the editorial boards for publications like Journal of Business Venturing and Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.

In 2001, Sarasvathy won the William H. Newman Award from the Academy of Management, and in 2009, she was awarded the Gerald E. Hills Best Paper Award from the American Marketing Association.

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