Sasha Dichter

Sasha Dichter


The Sasha Dichter speeches bring viewers into the complex realm of philanthropy. Dichter's compassion led him to his foundation of the 'Generosity Experiment,' a project that endorsed any charitable cause presented to him over the course of 30 days. His inclination towards the affirmative venture stemmed in large part from his commitment to generosity.

Dichter's involvement with humanitarian efforts are reflective of his corporate background which he explored at the Harvard Business School and at the Harvard Kennedy School. Since then he has joined the boards of numerous well-known organizations, inclusive of IBM, GE Money and Navic Networks.

Those who are privy to Sasha Dichter's speeches will receive valuable doses of inspiration. His knowledge of benevolent efforts is extensive, and his current position as the Chief Innovation Officer at the Acumen Fund has afforded him with the opportunity to invest in small-scale social enterprises.

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