Scott Deming

Scott Deming

Marketing Expert

The Scott Deming keynotes provide boundless insight on the marketing industry. Deming supports the need for companies to create emotional connections with their clientele bases, and to exacerbate whichever competitive advantage an organization may hold.

The knowledge imparted by Deming is a product of his successful involvement with the sales field. He is the founder and current CEO of RCI, an American communications company. Since its foundation, RCI has reached unprecedented levels of success, eventually becoming a multi-million dollar business catering to Fortune 500 brands. He has helped these very brands in the execution of expert campaigns, spearheading communications programs and customer service initiatives.

The focus of Scott Deming's keynotes upon developing emotional ties between companies and buyers has separated him apart from the rest, leading RCI to receive The Business Journal's 'Most Inspiring Business of the Year' award. He also remains dedicated to charity work as a board member of the Children's Miracle Network, the Central NY Center for Children’s Cancer and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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