Scott Dorsey

Scott Dorsey

CEO and Co-founder at ExactTarget

The keynotes by Scott Dorsey focus on creating prosperous companies and provide insights for start-up businesses. Scott Dorsey's business and marketing ideas help companies leverage the web to make it big in the business world.

Scott Dorsey earned his bachelor's degree at the Kellogg School of Business at Indiana University, and his MBA in e-commerce and entrepreneurship at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Over the last 11 years he co-founded and is CEO of ExactTarget where he is responsible for its global leadership. ExactTarget is a global software service leader that works with top brands all over the world, and it is leading the path for interactive marketing hubs.

Scott Dorsey has helped ExactTarget grow to more than 1,200 employees, and he earned many awards for his civic and business leadership. The keynotes by Scott Dorsey give advice to businesses about crafting an online image through interactive marketing to helps start-ups become successful.

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