Scott Fraser

Scott Fraser

Forensic Psycologist

Forensic Psychologist and "memory expert" Scott Fraser's keynotes addresses the aversion to science in the courtrooms, relying too heavily on witness testimonies and how it affects the wrongful conviction rates.

Scott Fraser has testified in countless trials, verifying or denouncing multiple witness testimonies based on factual analyses. Specializing in determining whether memories are true or fabricated via reconstructed memories -- a process in which the brain fills in memory gaps based on inference, observations in the aftermath or external influences -- the forensic psychologist has assisted in exonerating victims who have been imprisoned for decades for crimes they did not commit such as the most recent case of Francisco Carrillo, a man who was sentenced to two life sentences but was proven innocent 20 years later. In a relentless journey to search for the truth, Scott Fraser's keynotes honor the law as well as the integrity behind his profession.

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