Scott Hess

Scott Hess

Vice President for TRU, Moderator, Consultant, Keynote Speaker

The keynotes by Scott Hess focus on identifying clients with youth culture. Scott Hess is an American youth expert who has devoted his time to researching youth culture, and helping companies relate better to the younger generation.

Scott Hess received his degree in creative writing at Miami University, and from there worked for Andersen Consulting and Currently, Hess is the Vice President of Insight for the global youth research film TRU. Scott has worked with some of the world's leading youth companies, and helps them create products that are more relatable to youth culture.

The keynotes by Scott Hess help to make the views and opinions of youth heard. Hess is a moderator, consultant and is a highly demanded speaker who works with TRU to research and discover custom meaningful insight for companies.

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