Scott Steinberg

Scott Steinberg

Strategic Innovation Expert, Brand Consultant, Business Strategist

The Scott Steinberg keynotes often focus on business innovation and communication strategy.

Steinberg is best known as the CEO of TechSavvy Global, which is a management consulting and market research firm. There he helps companies connect with their audiences, communicate their values and establish lasting relationships between clients and their audiences.

Outside of TechSavvy Global, Steinberg wears many hats including best-selling author and futurist. His recent books include The Crowdfunding Bible, Modern Parent's Guide series and The Business Expert's Guidebook. He also pens a syndicated column that has appeared in NPR and The Wall St. Journal.

Steinberg has an established speaking career and is known for content strategy. He is touted as a social media and communications expert, having appeared on the big three American television networks (ABC, CBS, NBC.)

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