Sean Gourley

Sean Gourley

Co-founder at Quid

The use of physics and mathematics to solve complex human problems is addressed in keynotes speeches by Sean Gourley.

Attaining his Ph.D from Oxford in Physics and a Masters in Physics from the University of Canterbury, the skilled scientist has used his background to collaborate on projects with NASA, as a research assistant, and as a Political Advisor to the Iraqi Government and the Pentagon. He has also worked in the fields of nanotechnology and complex systems and has given a keynote address to the United Nations in Vienna on his research and its implementation for attaining peaceful conflict resolution.

Keynotes speeches by Sean Gourley have explored the role that probability can have for determining which countries are more apt to go to war and what the factors that lead them to that point are. He currently works as the Co-Founder of Quid where he diligently is working to create the next generation of intelligence platform.

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