Seth Godin

Seth Godin

Author, Founder of

Speeches by Seth Godin reflect the experience and enlightened opinions that this marketing guru has cultivated over his years in the business world.

After completing a degree in computer science from from Tuft's University, Godin went on to earn his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and became one of the most influential names in marketing. Founding a number of projects that concentrate on the spreading of ideas, Godin is the name behind Yoyodyne, an online marketing strategy company, and, which supports interest-based Internet sites.

In addition to being known as an exceptionally successful entrepreneur, Godin has published 12 books which all received incredible levels of success. His most famous work, 'Permission Marketing,' speaks to the advertising concept which was popularized by Godin and is often attributed to him.

Speeches by Seth Godin are as high-profile and covetable as the marketing master himself. A huge influencer in the new age of branding and advertising, Godin is a magnificently eloquent speaker with big ideas for change.

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