Seth Priebatsch

Seth Priebatsch

Entrepreneur, Student, Chief Ninja

The Seth Priebatsch presentations support the important and relevant nature of gaming in society's future and the future of human interactions. As the founder and Chief Ninja of SCVNGR, a gaming platform that allows users to interact with real-life challenges, Priebatsch is fully immersed in the gaming industry. Prior to this position, Priebatsch created PostcardTech software, which creates interactive tours for CD-ROM and held an entrepreneurial position of DreamIT Ventures.

In terms of his education, Priebatsch attended Princeton University, before leaving to fulfill his entrepreneurial desire at SCVNGR. It is believed that the gaming framework is on its way to surpassing social frameworks and networks, this notion is thoroughly examined in the Seth Priebatsch presentations.

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