Seth Shostak

Seth Shostak

Senior Astronomer and Radio Host at the SETI Institute

The material covered throughout Seth Shostak's keynote career is inspired by his passion for obtaining knowledge about the potential for the existence of life on other planets and in other galaxies.

From a young age, Shostak has been interested in exploring the unknown world of outer space and attended Princeton University, where he got his B.A. in physics, and the California Institute of Technology, to complete his Ph.D. in astronomy, to better understand life outside of the planet Earth.

He has worked as a Researcher for both the University of Groningen and Sterrenkundig Laboratrium Kapteyn before moving on to produce 'The Search for Intelligent Life in Space,' a series of audio lectures, for the Teaching Company in 1999.

The majority of his career has been spent at the SETI Institute, where he researches interplanetary life and presents his findings on a radio program entitled 'Big Picture Science.'

Seth Shostak's keynote career explores material that is both heralded and critiqued as it delves into the commonly asked question: are we alone?

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