Shahidul Alam

Shahidul Alam

Professor, Photographer, Author, Documentary Photographer

The Shahidul Alam presentations support the power that pictures and photography possess in conveying current situations, struggles and realities faced all over the world. As an internationally acclaimed documentary photographer, Alam has firsthand experience of the power that photographic captures can and continue to have. Due to his work, he has received artistic awards including the 'Mother Jones Award from Documentary Photography' and the 'Honorary Fellowships of the Banglasdesh Photographic Society. 'Alam's work has been featured on a global scale in the 'Museum of Modern Art' and the 'Tate Modern in Britain.'

Currently, Alam is a visiting professor at Sunderland University and a UCLA Regent's Lecturer. As an acclaimed speaker, he addressed audiences at Harvard, Oxford and Stanford Universities about photography and world issues among other topics. In terms of his educational background, Alam earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of London and has worked closely with global community initiative Majority World, to ensure opportunities for indigenous photographers.

Alam also authored multiple books full of his breathtaking photography including 'My Journey as a Witness' and 'Birth Pangs of Nation.' He was also responsible for setting up the 'Pathshala: South Asian Institute of Photography,' ensuring that equal opportunities are presented to everyone.

Through photographic captures and visual representations, thought-provoking meanings and significant lessons can be ascertained; this belief is echoed throughout the Shahidul Alam presentations.

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