Shalini Kantayya

Shalini Kantayya

Owner of 7th Empire Media, Inc.

The Shalini Kantayya keynotes provide important information on human rights issues and the importance of a sustainable planet. Kantayya is an eco-activist and a filmmaker. She started her own production company called ‘7th Empire Media,’ which aims to spark positive social change. Kantayya produced an award-winning film titled ‘A Drop of Life’ that divulges into the ever-growing global water crisis.

Her films were screened at several film festivals around the world, including Paris, London, New York and Madrid. Kantayya has also done video editing for huge celebrities such as Phil Collins and Mariah Carey. Her works garnered her recognition from several organizations such as the 'NY State Council of the Arts' and the 'Media Action Network for Asian Americans.' To top it all off, Kantayya also does lectures at colleges, and holds conferences across the United States and in India. The Shalini Kantayya keynotes are sure to provide an eye-opening experience for all audiences.

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