Shantel McBride

Shantel McBride

Mentor, Entreprenuer, Certified Trainer

Shantel McBride's speeches are fascinating and inspiring presentations that examine how to get the most of your life and to live without having any regrets. In particular, her discussions accept that death is a natural part of life, but more importantly, emphasize an attitude that cherishes and takes advantage of every day that one is alive . As a Mentor, Entrepreneur and Certified Trainer, McBride aims to assist individuals to both emotionally and mentally embrace their lives.

McBride's current work had allowed her to partner with many different companies to promote the message of achieving your potential and embracing your life. In order to achieve the most reach possible McBride created a training tool titled 'Live Like You're Dying' to ease individuals into their own self-discovery. With emotion-filled anecdotes and passionate perseverance Shantel McBride's speeches give individuals the tools they need to find their answers and live their lives to the fullest.

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