Shawn Anchor

Shawn Anchor

Psychologist, Professor at Harvard University, Author

The keynotes by Shawn Anchor connect happiness, success and share secrets to better work. Shawn Anchor believes that changing views about one's self is the ultimate way to change reality.

Shawn Anchor earned his master's in Christian and Buddhist ethics from Harvard University, and for the last ten years he has worked as a professor at Harvard. He is the head teaching fellow for 'Positive Psychology,' which is the most popular course at Harvard. He is the world's leading expert on happiness and success, and his TED talks is one of the most popular of all time. In 2007, he founded Good Think, and he has taught in 49 countries. Shawn is the author of The Happiness Advantage, and this year he will be airing a show on PBS.

The keynotes by Shawn Anchor share the secrets to being happy, and success is based on social support, enthusiasm and welcoming challenges. Shawn inspires audiences to look at their work, and lives through a new lens full of content feelings and personal satisfaction.

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