Sheena Iyengar

Sheena Iyengar


Sheena Iyengar's speeches are focused upon her views on decision making. While many struggle with the need to make choices, Iyengar has mastered her own take on the process with attention to categorization, complexity and a forward-thinking outlook. Her succinct points have aided many, bringing about improved measures of judgement and results.

Iyengar's pursuit of education led her to the University of Pennsylvania where she completed an economics B.S. and a psychology B.A. in 1992. She continued her studies in 1997 at Stanford University where she attained a Ph.D. in the social psychology field. Her involvement in academia continues to this day as a professor at Columbia's Business School.

Sheer dedication to the issue of choice is apparent in Sheena Iyengar's speeches. Her interest in the subject and the consequent research that she has spearheaded led to her receipt of the Presidential Early Career Award in 2002. Her novel 'The Art of Choosing' has also furthered her career through its look at some of her best work.

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