Sherwin Nuland

Sherwin Nuland

Clinical Professor of Surgery at Yale University

Keynotes by Sherwin Nuland are as candid as they are insightful. He explores topics that many would rather ignore, including death, dying, morality, aging and mental illness. While he may round off the sharp edges of these subjects with a bouncy sense of humor, he also makes serious points with real implications.

For 30 years Nulan was a practicing surgeon, treating over 10,000 patients. He holds degrees from New York University & Yale University School of Medicine, earning his M.D. and completing a residency at the latter. He is currently a clinical professor of Surgery at Yale University.

Nulan is also the author of several books, including, 'The Soul of Medicine' and 'The 'Art of Aging: A Doctor's Prescription for Well-Being.' Keynotes by Sherwin Nuland employ the same precision found in his writing and his years of study and practice as a doctor and scholar.

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