Shirin Neshat

Shirin Neshat

Visual Artist

The keynotes by Shirin Neshat discuss the power artists in political chaos and human struggles. Known mostly for her work in photography, video and film, Neshat possesses the ability to create beautiful, powerful and inspiring messages with her work.

A well-educated woman, she received her BA, MA and MFA from UC Berkley. After completing her graduate degree, she relocated to New York city to begin her career as an artist; a time in her life when she was exposed to a wide variety of cultural experiences that shape and influence her own ideologies and art.

In 1990, she returned to her native country of Iran to partake in a self-induced exile. This period in her life inspired the majority of her work as she took an interest in comparing the cultures of Iranian women versus American women. Shocked by the transformation of her homeland, she became dedicated to portraying it through her work.

The keynotes by Shirin Neshat demonstrate how art can serve a number of purposes in a wide range of spheres including the political.

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